Our Stream Team

Who Are We?

Welcome to the Sacramento Extra Life Stream Team, where passion meets purpose in the realm of gaming philanthropy. Comprised of a dedicated group of gamers from all over the world, we have come together to stream on a single Twitch page! As avid gamers and compassionate individuals, we harness the power of our shared love for gaming to raise funds for UC Davis Children's Hospital. The Sacramento Extra Life Stream Team strives to transform entertainment into a force for good, bringing family friendly content to Twitch. Join us on this incredible journey, every Saturday morning at 9am and Wednesday evening at 6pm PST! 


First Saturdays, 9am PST


First Wednesdays, 6pm PST


Third Wednesdays, 6pm PST


Fourth Sundays, 9am PST


Second Saturdays, 9am PST


Second and Fourth Wednesdays, 6pm PST